Deadline for expat voting registration expires

The Presidential Elections Commission on Thursday closed voter registration for Egyptian expatriates in the presidential election slated for May.

The commission said 232,000 expatriates have registered their names, in addition to 355,000 who had already registered in the last parliamentary elections, which brings the total number to 586,820 voters.

“The committee had extended the registration deadline from 4 April to 11 April,” said Mohamed al-Shinawy, head of the presidential elections operation room in the foreign minister’s office.

Shinawy said the highest registrations came from Saudi Arabia, with 261,820 voters, followed by 119,204 in Kuwait, 61,391 in the UAE, 32,823 in Qatar, 27,262 in the US, 11,882 in Canada, 10,041 in Italy, 9,107 in Oman, 6,229 in the UK, 5,923 in France, 5,122 in Bahrain, 5,068 in Australia, 3,135 in Germany, 1,986 in the Netherlands, 1,514 in Austria, 99 in Israel, 72 in Palestine and 30 in Iran.

He added that the voting would take place from 11 May until 17 May, with voters downloading the ballots from the elections commission website and emailing them to the Egyptian embassies and consulates. They can also go to embassies and the consulates in person and cast their votes.

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