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Dead Cuvier’s beaked whale found on Egyptian North Coast, safely buried

Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad confirmed that all necessary measures have been taken to safely bury a dead whale that was found washed ashore on a beach in the North Coast region of the Mediterranean Sea.

The whale was identified as a Cuvier’s beaked whale, a common and non-endangered species in the Mediterranean.

The Ministry of Environment received a report from the North Coast Protected Areas General Administration about the discovery of the dead animal on a private beach in one of the Mediterranean tourist villages.

Upon receiving the report, the environment minister immediately issued instructions to form a committee of specialists to investigate the matter in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

The whale was in an advanced state of decomposition, making it difficult to determine the exact cause of death. However, a tear in the area below the head suggests that the whale may have died in deep water more than 15 days ago and was carried ashore by ocean currents.

According to the minister, these whales travel in groups in deep Mediterranean waters, and it is common for an individual to stray from the group in search of food in other areas.

This can lead to the whale becoming trapped in shallow waters, where it may be injured by a rocky bottom or a boat, or end up in an area where food is scarce for an extended period, making it susceptible to death if separated from the group.

The Ministry reassured beach-goers that there is no need for concern, as whales do not pose a threat to humans and such incidents are rare.

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