Davutoglu: Turkey still won’t recognize Egypt’s ‘coup’

Turkey’s foreign minister has reiterated his country’s dismissal of the ouster of former ally Mohamed Morsy by Egypt’s military in 2013 as a military coup, stressing, at the same time, that it has no problem with the Egyptian people, Anadolu Agency reported.
In statements made during a sideline conference at the 45th World Economic Forum in Davos late Wednesday, Ahmet Davutoglu said his country would not recognize the ‘military coup’ in Egypt, adding that Egypt’s stability can only be achieved through ‘legitimacy’ approved by the people. He described Egypt as ‘the backbone’ of regional stability.
Both countries should better ‘sit and talk’, instead of trading accusations, Davutoglu added, admitting it the same time that both countries have differing points of views. The minister stressed that Turkey does not favor any Egyptian political group.
Ankara, a fervent supporter of Mohamed Morsy’s Muslim Brotherhood, frequently declared its rejection of Morsy’s ouster in 2013 by current president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Egypt has occasionally rejected Turkey’s stances as intervention in its domestic affairs, arguing that Morsy’s ouster was the result of a popular uprising against his government.

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