Egyptian Dar al-Ifta attacks ‘liberal’ mosque in Germany

The Dar al-Ifta al-Masriyyah [Egyptian state-run Islamic institution assigned to issue religious edicts] released a statement on Monday in which it severely criticized a recently established mosque in Berlin.

Circulating photos of the mosque show male and female worshipers praying side by side– a prohibited act in Islam.

The mosque’s name, ‘Liberal’, is meant to signify the founders’ intentions to promote liberal and egalitarian ideology in mosques, such as allowing women to lead prayers.

However, as this is not allowed according to traditional Islamic teachings, Dar al-Ifta al-Masriyyah said in the statement that the mosque’s ideology is a clear violation of the rules of Islam.

The statement concluded by mentioning that such acts are not ways to combat extremism and terrorism; instead these acts are representing a violation of Islam.

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