Dar Al-Iftaa warns spouses against beating, insulting


The Egyptian Dar Al-Ifta has warned the spouses that disagreements between them should not be a reason for anything like beatings and insults.

Dar Al-Iftaa said, on its official page on Facebook that insults and beating are immoral acts and inhumane and create a rift in marital life that is difficult to treat later.

“It is not good for spouses to quarrel or raise their voices with obscene words against each other. Or for one of them to hit the other, as all of this is forbidden, and leads to the loss of mutual respect between the spouses,” Dar Al-Iftaa explained.

Dar Al-Iftaa provided advice to the couple, earlier, as part of the initiative “To Dwell in Tranquility with Them”, which Dar Al-Iftaa launched some time ago on social media, that married couples should prevent the entry of those who cause problems in their home, whether a man or a woman.

The statement added: “Let the spouses know that the world is full of troubles and hardships of life, including some relatives and friends who do not wish happiness for you, so be smart and do not allow anyone to sow discord between you, or raise problems, or divide.”

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