Dar Al-Iftaa says ‘part-time marriage’ is invalid in Islam

Egypt’s Dar Al-Iftaa on Sunday shot down the concept of ‘part-time marriage’ in response to discussions across social media, stating that the very idea contradicts the purpose of marriage in Islam.

“We should not be drawn behind the calls for modern terminology in marriage which has increased in recent times wherein lies a love of showing off and fame and destabilization of values, which creates confusion in society and negatively affects the meaning of stability and cohesion of the family that our religion seeks and the state has nurtured through laws,” Dar Al-Iftaa said a tweet on its official Twitter page.

“What some people do by giving new names to the marriage contract, limiting it to a certain time and so on, leads to the invalidity of this contract.”

“Legal marriage is what is intended for permanence and continuity and not to be limited to a specific time, otherwise it is a forbidden marriage and does not have the effects of legal marriage,” Dar Al-Iftaa concluded.

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