Damietta road closed after clashes between gangs, residents

The road from Ezbet al-Borg to Damietta was closed for several hours Wednesday when residents of Al-Ratma village clashed with gang members.

The clashes started after local residents killed Hamada Zaqzouq, a local gang member, and burned his body. Members of Zaqzouq’s gang fired on the villagers, leading to clashes that lasted for several hours before security forces intervened.

One resident, Hassan Farag Abu Ali, was killed in the clash, and four others were wounded, as well as a Zaqzouq supporter. The injured were taken to Damietta Hospital, while police surrounded the area to prevent further clashes.

The incident came after several months of murders and kidnappings. Residents have blamed Zaqzouq’s gang for the violence.

Zaqzouq had been passing through Al-Ratma on the way to Manzala Lake when local residents confronted him and he started began shooting in at them.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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