Dairy shop owner in Cairo stabs child

A dairy shop owner stabbed a 12-year-child with a knife on Tuesday after disagreements with the child’s family regarding the monthly rent of a market, in Cairo’s Dar al-Salam area.

Police arrested the owner and referred him to prosecution to finalize investigations.

The prosecution also asked for the medical report of the victim to identify the wounds suffered, seizing the knife and imprisoning the owner for four days pending investigations.

Back in August, Egyptian police stated that a husband and wife have slaughtered 12-year-old tuk tuk driver Ahmed Khalid on August 9 in Kerdasa city, Giza, throwing his dead body into al-Khayam canal.

Investigations revealed that the couple tempted the child to accompany them. The husband was suffering from financial problems and agreed on a plan with his wife to ask Khalid to drive her with his tuk tuk to her apartment. After killing Khalid, the couple then stole the tuk tuk.

Violence against children in Egypt is a unfortunately common occurrence.

According to the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, roughly 93 percent of Egyptian children aged one to 14 years old suffer from violence. A study prepared by the council revealed that violence is too readily accepted as a means of raising children up into supposedly strong adults.

The study shows that children are subjected to violence in places that are supposed to be safe, such as home, school or clubs, and exposed to violence from people who are supposed to care for them, such as parents or teachers.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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