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Daily Ramadan Recipe #20 – Cool sohour cucumber sandwiches

As Ramadan winds to a close, the obsession with traditional sohour food wanes. Your palette begins to reject another helping of fuul at midnight and the humidity kills any desire for hommos al-sham or oily sambousak. So in the event of friends passing by for a midnight snack in the next 10 days, consider an age old favorite… the cucumber sandwich. Added bonus… serve it with English tea for a little humor! This cucumber sandwich is a little heartier than its plain cucumber forefathers because we have added a boiled egg!

Ingredients (to serve 4):
4 hard boiled eggs
16 slices of toast (brown or white)
3 cucumbers, peeled, sliced thinly and chilled in the fridge
unsalted butter for spreading on the toast
dill for sprinkling on sandwiches
Philadelphia cream cheese (optional!)

Use an egg slicer for thinly sliced boiled eggs and slice up your eggs.
Start by taking out two pieces of toast – thinly butter one and spread a very thin layer of cream cheese on the other. (If you are not using cream cheese, spread butter on both.)
Sprinkle dill on both.
Place slices of egg to make one egg layer on the side with the butter and slices of cucumber to make a one-cucumber thick layer on top of the egg.
You may also choose to place a piece of romaine lettuce on top of the egg but be careful – wash your lettuce very well!
Put the cream cheese side on top and turn your sandwich over (cream cheese should be on the bottom).
Use a sharp knife to cut off the crusts and divide the square in half to have two triangular sandwiches. It is wise to expect each guest to eat at least four triangles.
Serve the triangles with tea!

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