Cyber campaigns launched to fight sexual harassment during Eid

Internet users have launched various cyber campaigns to warn against sexual harassment and give advice to women in the run-up to Eid.

Among the campaigns is the one launched by the HarassMap website, “Eid in Egypt is safe everywhere," which aims to raise social awareness with the help of young people, who will be out on the streets during the holiday. HarassMap has also launched its campaign on Facebook.

Engy Ghozlan, one of HarassMap's founders, says sexual harassment is a violation of a woman's dignity and cannot be tolerated after the 25 January revolution. 

Another Facebook campaign called “I am not afraid to go out and I do not tolerate sexual harrassment” has been launched to encourage women to feel confident going out during Eid.

The Awlad al-Balad campaign has taken the initiative of forming popular committees to protect women during Eid, with the slogan, "Safe Eid for girls in Alexandria."

Karim Mahrous, the campaign’s coordinator, says, "Our role is to raise awareness of the risk of harassment and its punishment, and to advise girls on methods of self-defense."

A HarassMap report about sexual harassment rates in Egypt issued in April revealed that the highest rates were recorded in Cairo, then Alexandria, and were highest during the time of the revolution between January and April.

Rights groups have reported that more than 95 percent of Egyptian and foreign females are exposed to harassment on the streets or in their places of work, either by comments or touching.

News outlets have long reported on the increase of sexual harassment during feasts such as Eid, when millions of Egyptians take to the streets to celebrate.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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