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COVID-19 in Egypt: 809 new cases, 28 deaths reported on Tuesday

Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population on Tuesday reported 809 new coronavirus cases, 28 deaths, and 711 recoveries.

A total of 383,003 cases have been reported in Egypt, with 216,67 deaths and 318,456 recoveries.

The Ministry of Health and Population said that the numbers of infections with the coronavirus in Egypt keep varying, and have not crossed the peak of the fourth wave so far.

While Egypt’s Supreme Committee for the Management of Coronavirus Crisis lifted some COVID-19 restrictions back in June, there is talk of reinstating some measures.

The government imposed a ban on all unvaccinated employees from entering their workplaces at all government facilities and unvaccinated university students from entering universities as of November 15, as well as banning unvaccinated citizens from entering any government facility as of December 1.

It also announced that all university students will be required to be vaccinated in order to attend exams at the end of the current academic year’s first semester.

The Ministry of Health and Population Ministry on Thursday said the total consumed vaccine doses in Egypt have amounted to 53,873,513, with a current vaccination rate of 353,130 doses per day.

A report from the ministry said that the total of those who received the first dose of the vaccine amounted to 33,778,817 people, compared to 20,094,696 people who received the second doses.

Egypt has thus far succeeded in providing all types of vaccines against the coronavirus, according to Government reports.

Egypt’s vaccination campaign began in January with priority groups and later expanded to university students.

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