Court upholds life sentence on MB supreme guide

The Court of Cassation rejected on Wednesday the appeal of Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, Mohammed Badea, as well as the appeals of 55 other Brotherhood members against court rulings made in July 2013 following violence in Ismailia.

The Ismailia Criminal Court imprisoned 105 defendants in absentia, and sentenced Badea, alongside 35 other MB members, to a life sentence.

The public prosecution accused defendants of planning to forcibly enter the Ismailia Governorate headquarters, using firearms and killing a total of 19 civilians.

The prosecution stated that Badea and MB leaders attempted to confront state authorities and spark chaos throughout the country following their July 2013 meetings.

The defendants were accused of committing premeditated murder, attempting to forcibly occupy a governmental building, damaging public and private property, promoting a terrorist organization, and illegally possessing firearms.

Edited Translation from al-Masry al-Youm

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