Court shuts down Al Jazeera Egypt

The Investment Department at the State Council’s Administrative Court ruled on Tuesday to stop broadcasting Qatari-run news channel Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr, in addition to three other channels: Yarmuk, al-Qods and Ahrar 25.
Lawsuits requesting the shutdown of these channels were filed by Social Justice Party head Mahmoud Farghaly Omran, in addition to lawyers Ayman Abdel-Aziz and Amr Kamal.
The lawsuits were against the ministers of both investment and information, in addition to the heads of the targeted channels, stating that these channels do not have any current licenses for broadcasting, while they publish and broadcast false news aiming to confuse Egyptians.
Opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood and the deposed President Mohamed Morsy have accused the Qatari channel of fomenting internal tensions and broadcasting media to support the MB and Morsy since he took office last year and even after his ouster in early July.
Edited translation from MENA 

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