Court says sons of Urfi marriages for Egypt men and women are Egyptians

Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court on Sunday ruled that sons, from Urfi (undocumented), between Egyptian woman and foreign husbands, have the right to obtain Egyptian nationality.

Gihan Abbas had filed a case against the Interior Ministry and its decision to deny the Egyptian nationality from her daughter Ohoud from Saudi husband Abdel Rahman Shwaita.

The court said in its ruling that it is not required that a marriage contract be documented to grant citizenship to a child of an Egyptian father or an Egyptian mother.

It added that Egyptian legislation has stipulated the marriage be documented in order to maintain the rights and the children, but the documentation process is not a cornerstone of the marriage contract.

Legal marriage is based on consent and publicity, and its documentation is a condition for hearing marital cases.

The documentation doesn’t affect the right of children to prove their personal data, including nationality.

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