Court ruling allows members of independent unions to run for parliament

The Qalyubiya Administrative Court on Wednesday issued a verdict enabling members of independent trade unions to run for parliament under the workers' quota.

Egypt's parliamentary law allocates 50 percent of seats each for workers and farmers.

Lawyers from the Center for Economic and Social Rights brought the case to court, despite the objections of the state-run Egyptian Trade Unions Federation (ETUF). The center appealed a decision from the Qalyubiya office of the high elections commission rejecting candidate applications from members of the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions without providing justification.

The lawyers submitted certificates proving that the applicants are union members, and emphasized that workers are legally entitled to establish independent unions. The court ruling annuls the high elections commission decision to exclude the applicants.

The center's director, Khaled Ali, highlighted the importance of the court ruling, saying that it further entrenches trade union freedoms and workers' rights. He explained that in previous elections candidates running under the workers category were required to produce a certificate from the ETU, which was under state control.

ETUF’s administration was disbanded in August and the union is being run by a transitional board.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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