Court rules to allow judges to monitor branch polling stations during elections

The Administrative Court has ruled that Egypt's High Elections Commission (HEC) must permit judges to monitor branch polling stations during parliamentary elections scheduled for 28 November.

The HEC had earlier ruled that only primary stations should be subject to judges' oversight.

The court verdict came in response to a lawsuit, filed by Muslim Brotherhood candidate Essam Mokhtar, challenging the HEC’s ruling.

In a related development, HEC spokesman Sameh al-Kashef declared that final candidate lists had been announced for all electoral constituencies.

Al-Kashef called on candidates to abide by the LE200,000 ceiling for campaign expenditures, explaining that a further LE100,000 would be permitted in the event that runoff elections were held.

He also warned candidates against accepting campaign donations from foreign institutions.

Al-Kashef further warned candidates against using religiously-themed electoral slogans and campaigning in places of worship.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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