Court rejects challenges to verdict delaying elections

The Supreme Administrative Court rejected Sunday challenges submitted by the State Lawsuits Authority to a previous verdict halting House of Representatives elections.

The court added that the ruling to halt the election was consistent with law, and did not violate any legal rules. In its judgment, the court said that President Mohamed Morsy's call for elections violated the Constitution.

The Cairo Administrative Court had ruled that the election law governing House of Representatives elections, originally slated to start on 22 April, must be sent to the Supreme Constitutional Court for review.

Former MP Mohamed al-Omda and the State Lawsuit Authority, which represents Morsy, Shura Council Speaker Ahmed Fahmy and Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky had filed an appeal against the ruling, which effectively delayed the elections indefinitely.

The court's state commissioners had earlier recommended in a non-binding report rejecting the appeal, on the grounds that Omda did not have the standing to challenge the ruling.

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