Court postpones trials of security leaders charged with killing demonstrators

The Minya Criminal Court in Upper Egypt on Tuesday decided to postpone to 13 September the trial of several senior Interior Ministry officials charged with killing peaceful demonstrators during the 25 January revolution.

Former Beni Suef Security Director Ahmed Shawky Abdo Abu Zaid and 11 others are charged with the murder of 17 protesters and the attempted murder of 26 others, including two children.

The families of those killed gathered before the court and demanded that justice be done.

Meanwhile, the Damietta Criminal Court in the Nile Delta also postponed the trial of Esmat Riad, former director of security in Damietta, and Mahmoud Mostafa, head of security in East Delta, to 13 September. They are charged with the murder of two demonstrators and the attempted murder of 68 others during the revolution.

The hearing took place amidst tight security around the court and the surrounding streets, with the extensive presence of Central Security forces.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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