Court to consider removing Mubarak’s name from public facilities

An Egyptian appeals court on Sunday set 18 July as a date for considering an appeal demanding the removal of the names of former president Hosni Mubarak and his wife Suzanne from public facilities.

On Saturday, another Egyptian court suspended a verdict issued in April, which sanctioned the removal of the Mubaraks' names from squares, libraries and metro stations. The suspension followed a lawsuit raised by 40 Mubarak supporters.

Officials seeking to win presidential favor routinely named streets, schools, military installations and remote rural clinics after Mubarak in the years before the popular uprising which toppled him in February.

The Ministry of Education’s data reveal that 549 schools nationwide are named after the Mubaraks, 388 of those after the toppled president, 160 after Suzanne, with one school named after their younger son, Gamal.

A few protesters defended the former president and rejected efforts to prosecute him after his ouster in February.

Samir Sabry, the lawyer who brought the petition asking for the removal, said that he provided the court on Sunday with a decree by the cabinet and the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, binding governors to removing the Mubaraks' names and photos from public areas.

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