Court abolishes judicial control of Engineers Syndicate

North Cairo Court ruled Sunday to abolish the judicial sequestration of the Engineers Syndicate in a suit brought before the court by the "Engineers against Sequestration" movement.

The Engineers Syndicate has been under judicial sequestration, which effectively amounts to government control, since 1995. The government imposed custodianship over the engineers after the Muslim Brotherhood won syndicate elections.

The North Cairo Court’s decision was based on a previous ruling by the Court of Cassation that prohibited the sequestration of syndicates and ruled that they are independent entities.

The movement will submit a note to the attorney general on Tuesday requesting that judges from the sequestration board, which controlled the syndicate for 14 years, be held accountable for financial improprieties. Earlier this month the Central Auditing Organization reported that thousands of pounds were wasted by the judges between 2005 and 2008.

"We will now start elections for a new board that will allow the syndicate members to practice their democratic rights freely," said movement member Tareq el-Nabrawi.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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