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Counting of expatriate votes for Egypt’s presidential elections concludes: NEA

The National Elections Authority (NEA) on Monday announced the completion of voting for Egyptians abroad in the presidential elections.

A numerical count of the votes was carried out, the NEA said in a statement, with the total amount of valid and invalid votes confirmed.

The number of valid votes obtained by each of the four candidates was recorded in the registers designated for the procedure, and attached to all the electoral process papers in sealed envelopes, it explained.

The NEA stated that these envelopes were sent to its headquarters in Cairo through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that the numerical census will be included in the vote of Egyptians within the country.

The electoral process was conducted in 137 electoral centers, distributed in 121 countries worldwide.

Electoral headquarters were provided with all necessary equipment to ensure the proper conduct of the electoral process amid transparency.

The final official result will be announced by the authority in due time.


Expats cast their votes

Egyptians abroad began casting their votes on Friday and concluded by Sunday.

Three candidates are running in the presidential race against current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who submitted his nomination papers in October after receiving 424 recommendations from the 596 members of Parliament and more than 1.1 million powers of attorney (from the people).

The other candidates are the head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (center), Farid Zahran, the head of the Wafd Party (liberal), Abdel-Sanad Yamama, and the head of the Republican People’s Party (liberal), Hazem Omar.

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