Coral reefs threatened to disappear in the Red Sea

Marine environment experts and diving centers warned of the disappearance of coral reefs in the red sea due to launch boats, used for diving trips and maritime activities, tying their iron anchors into live coral reefs, especially in the area between al-Gouna and Hurghada where buoys are not available.

Hassan al-Tayeb, chairman of Rescue and Environmental Protection Society (REPS) in Hurghada, said tourists and divers sent several complaints to REPS about the unavailability of buoys in several sites where the coral reefs have disappeared.

Tayeb said that he sent requests to the Ministry of Environment to increase the number of buoys in the seas to preserve the coral reefs, which attract thousands of diving enthusiasts every year.

Ministry of Environment and the red sea dedicated LE one million and a half to buy materials for buoys, which is to be installed by a civil association in Hurghada.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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