Copts pray for Egypt on World Day of Prayer

Tens of thousands of Copts on Saturday concluded the World Day of Prayer, dedicating their prayers to peace in Egypt and the world.

The rituals were conducted at the Saint Samaan Church in Moqattam and continued for 12 hours. Various Christian sects attended the event.

Boutros Roshdy, the church priest, said all Christians are praying for peace to prevail in Egypt and God to expel evil and terrorism.

“This is the day to pray for Egypt and its people and to send a message of love in order for God to bless our country and restore stability,” said Priest Samaan Ibrahim.

Orthodox priests from Syria and the US took part in the ceremony.

Meanwhile, security was tightened in the area surrounding the cathedral on Friday and Saturday and cars were prevented from parking close to the cathedral.

More than 1000 scouts participated in organizing the event. Thousands of participants raised Egyptian flags as they chanted hymns.

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