Copts continue protests in central Cairo

Hundreds of Copts protested for a sixth consecutive day to demand an immediate investigation into attacks on Copts in the last few days.

A church was set on fire last Friday in the village of Sol in the southern Cairo district of Atfeeh after a relationship between a Christian man and a Muslim woman ignited fights between Muslims and Copts there.

The incident triggered violent clashes in the Zarayeb area of eastern Cairo's Moqattam district, on Tuesday. This led to 13 deaths and about 140 Copts and Muslims have been injured.

Protestors in front of the Maspiro television building called for the formation of a committee to investigate the causes behind the Moqattam clashes.

Some observers accused Egypt’s infamous state security of instigating the recent wave of sectarian strife in order to distract those demanding that state security be dismantled.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, accused remnants of Hosni Mubarak's ousted regime of being behind the clashes of the past few days, in order to cause unrest and tear society apart. The Brotherhood said that these remnants are using a "divide and conquer" approach. 

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