Coptic Church asks young followers to end Maspiro demonstrations

The Coptic Church repeated calls Thursday for its followers to stop protesting in front of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union building.

The church also rejected the recently formed Maspiro Youth Union's political awareness program aimed at Christians. 
A delegation from the union met Bishop Armia Thursday evening to schedule a subsequent meeting with Pope Shenouda. The bishop told the delegation of his reservations about the political awareness program and asked them not to stage another sit-in, saying the continued demonstrations harm Copts.
Armia told the delegation that Pope Shenouda and the bishops are angry because union members did not obey the pope's earlier request to end the sit-in, according to some who attended the meeting.
The delegation members asserted that when authorities do not meet their demands they have the right to stage a sit-in, saying they gave the government one month to respond to their requests, one of which is to issue a new constitution before parliamentary elections.

The union and Copts without Restrictions each announced they were joining other movements and political parties demanding a new constitution ahead of elections.
The Maspiro Youth Union recently opened offices in Alexandria and Suez and said it would also establish branches in other governorates. 
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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