Coptic Church accepts Al-Ahram front page apology

Coptic Bishop Sergius said the Church was satisfied with Al-Ahram Editor in Chief Osama Saraya’s apology, published by the daily on Monday, for a column that carried an unprecedented attack on Pope Shenouda III. The apology appeared on the front page of Al-Ahram’s Wednesday’s edition. The state-run daily Al-Ahram is Egypt’s most widely circulated.

“The Church will not take legal action against the newspaper,” he said.

Egyptian Coptic activists filed a complaint on Wednesday with the General Prosecution Office accusing the daily of defaming Pope Shenouda III, head of Egypt’s Coptic Church, and inflaming sectarian tensions in Egypt.

Sergius denied that the state “pampers” and “coddles” the Copts, as evidenced by the Omraniya church incident.  He asserted that the Pope is patriotic.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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