Coptic Christians end Maspero sit-in

Coptic Christians staging a sit-in before the Egyptian Radio and Television Union building on the Maspero Corniche agreed to end their protest on Wednesday when the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces promised to meet some of their demands.

The council agreed to try the instigators of sectarian violence and retry Coptic youths who were recently arrested. It also reassured the protesters that it would not disperse them by force.

A source at the Coptic Church, however, said the protesters agreed to end their sit-in when Pope Shenouda III asked them to. The pope feared for their safety and the economic repercussions of the protests.

“We agreed to end it so as not to affect the economy,” said Philopateer Gamil, pastor of the Mar Youhanna Church in Giza. “We Copts put our country's interests above any personal demands.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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