Copt assaulted, bishop tells military to halt sectarian attacks

Naga Hammadi's Bishop Kirollos called on the armed forces stop religion-driven thuggery after a group of aggressors assaulted a Coptic man.

Kirollos told reporters quick steps must be taken to overcome such “infection” from spreading to other places. “What’s happening violates the country’s prestige and grants thugs authority above the law.”

Coptic teacher Anwar Metri  says a group of attackers in Upper Egypt cut his ear and injured his hands and neck during an assault on 20 March.

The teacher’s lawyer, Asfoor Waheeb, said the attackers accused Metri of renting his apartment to “two indecent women."

Waheeb said they burned Metri’s car and the apartment where the two women live after forcing them out.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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