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Consumer Protection Agency bans Orange’s ad on World Cup

The Consumer Protection Agency issued a decision that demanded Orange immediately suspend its controversial advertising campaign and remove their ads from squares and streets within 24 hours.

The advertisements include scenes and expressions that were deemed offensive to the elderly.

Head of Consumer Protection Agency, Major General Atef Ya’coub, said that the advertisements depict negative images of elderly people, showcases illness they suffer from such as Alzheimer, high blood pressure and heart disease.

He said that the advertisement used phrases that perpetuated feelings of despair, such as suggesting that this was the last time they would see the World Cup as they were about to die. Ya’coub added that the advertisement disregarded the feelings and thoughts of the elderly.

The Agency had monitored the company’s advertising campaign ahead of the national teams’ match with Uganda. Banners, billboards, social media, and television featured the demeaning images before and throughout the game.

Ya’coub said Orange’s campaign violated the standards of advertising, which states that ads adhere to ethics and public taste, and do not degrade people or offend public morals.

The major pointed out that upon review of the campaign, it violated the Consumer Protection Law, which affirms companies protect consumer dignity and respect religious values, customs and traditions.

He added that the advertisement violates the standard specifications for advertising goods and services.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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