Consulate official visits Egyptian attacked in Kuwait

A representative has visited the Egyptian who was assaulted in Kuwait on Friday by a group of bedoun, the Egyptian consulate in Kuwait said on Monday.

Bedoun are stateless persons, and the name comes from the Arabic word “without nationality.” The term is used mostly in Kuwait, a country with a large bedoun population. 

Diplomatic sources said the Egyptian consulate is following the case of 28-year-old Ibrahim Kishk, and a consulate representative visited him at the Farwaniya Hospital.

Egypt's state-owned news agency MENA quoted a hospital source as saying Kishk was in a coma as a result of a brain hemorrhage. The source said he suffered a broken left thigh and bruises to the right arm.

The source said newspaper reports published yesterday of his ear having been cut off were false.

Kishk was beaten and stabbed on Friday. The Jahra Directorate of Security in Kuwait has begun investigations in an attempt to find the culprits.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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