Constitutional declaration expected this week

A new constitutional declaration will be issued this week, sources have said. They said time is being taken to avoid sparking controversy about its interpretation, as it will provide the framework for action until a new constitution is prepared after parliamentary and presidential elections take place later this year.

The pro-democracy movement has been pressing for a constitutional declaration that guarantees the abolishment of the 1971 Constitution, highly associated with the toppled regime. The declaration is to contain the amended articles that were approved in the 17 March referendum.

Abdel Monem Kato, a military expert, said the normal procedure following the announcement of the referendum result would be to issue a constitutional declaration abolishing the 1971 Constitution and formulating constitutional articles that determine how the state will be run in the interim period.

Kato said those articles of the 1971 Constitution which grant unlimited powers to the president will be reviewed.

Salah Abdel Halim, chief of the Operations Authority of the Armed Forces, said the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) only issues its statements following careful examination, adding that unlike the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of 1952, the current council solicits the opinions of experts when making decisions.

Abdel Halim further added that the SCAF follows a scientific method of decision-making, whereby it considers problems, demands and capacities when defining its priorities.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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