Constitutional amendment committee: Article II will not be touched

Egypt's constitutional amendment committee said on Sunday that it would not be amending Article II of the Constitution, which states that Islam is the state religion, or Article V, which explicitly prohibits “establishment of political parties on any religious ideology or foundation."

In a statement, the committee also said the first part of the Constitution, which contains general provisions, will not be changed.

In the statement, the committee stressed that constitutional amendments would safeguard future elections, in particular upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, so as to reflect the true will of the Egyptian people.

The committee went on to say that the amendments will go hand in hand with democratic changes the country plans to make.

The committee explained that the articles to be amended concern decision-making policies of the state, which concern powers of the president, the Parliament and the Shura Council.

In the statement, Committee Chairman Tariq al-Bishri said that the committee was working in a completely independent manner and in accordance with Egypt’s general interests.

Al-Bishri went on to say that the committee is currently preparing its final draft of the amended articles and that it would be announcing the amendments during the next few days.

He said the amendments would include a political rights, People's Assembly and Shura Council laws concerning the electoral process.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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