Constitution referendum held over one stage in all governorates

Administrative Development Minister Hani Mahmoud announced that the referendum on the draft constitution will be held in one stage, in all the governorates at the same time, on 14 and 15 January.
The referendum would take place between 9am and 9pm on both days, with strict enforcement of the time deadline on the first day, according to a statement made by Mahmoud in a press conference on Monday.
Interim President Adly Mansour has called on Egyptian people on Saturday to vote on the referendum on the amended 2012 Constitution, which was drafted under deposed President Mohamed Morsy.
Political forces vary widely in their view of the newly amended Constitution, some calling to support the draft, others calling to completely boycott voting, especially the Islamist forces supporting Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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