‘Constitution First’ group suspends signature campaign

The Free Front for Peaceful Change said on Monday that it has suspended its campaign to collect 15 million signatures to call on Egypt's ruling military council to draft a new constitution before parliamentary elections.

In a statement, the group said the move was intended to express solidarity with the revolution's demands, which various political groups are organizing a rally for on Friday, 8 July.

It urged the millions of people who signed the petition to participate in the 8 July protests.

The front claimed there are conspiracies to ruin Friday's protest, citing the burning of protesters' tents on Sunday after street vendors in Tahrir Square clashed with protesters, according to media reports.

It further called for the appointment of a civilian interior minister "to control the security situation and safeguard human rights and freedoms.”

The front said it is ready to hold a press conference in Tahrir within the next two days to discuss "the slow pace of trials of former regime figures and to emphasize the legitimacy of public trials" so justice is achieved.

While several political powers have decided to participate in Friday's protest, they do not all support the calls for drafting a constitution before elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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