Conference recommends NDP members be denied political rights

The National Accord Conference of Tuesday recommended that members of the dissolved National Democratic Party be stripped of their political rights for five years.

The conference also suggested the same for leaders of the state-owned media who served under the former regime, and who are deemed responsible for misleading the public, as well as for former members of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council who won their seats by rigging the elections.

The same denial of political rights was also suggested for those under investigation on charges of financial or political corruption or the killing of demonstrators, and for members of the corrupt local councils.

The recommendation calls for all of them to be banned from forming political parties or running in parliamentary, trade union or local council elections.

“We made a black list of 2870 people that we will distribute among parties and political movements nationwide to make sure they are excluded from any such activity,” said Amr Hashem Rabie, head of the conference’s election committee.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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