Complaints about MP’s Tantawi ‘insult’ submitted to military prosecution, retired officers plan march

Hundreds of complaints have been filed with the military prosecutor against MP Ziad al-Elaimy, demanding that legal measures be taken against him for insulting Supreme Council of Armed Forces head Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, state-run news service MENA reported.

Most of the complaints were filed by military officers.

Some retired military officers have also decided to hold a march on Tuesday to the Parliament building in protest of Elaimy's statements.

The retired officers told Al-Masry Al-Youm that Elaimy's remarks weren't only an insult to Tantawi, but to all of the armed forces.

The SCAF’s official Facebook page said that Elaimy’s comments amount to “libel and defamation.”

Ashraf Thabet, deputy speaker of the People's Assembly, told Al-Hayat satellite channel on Sunday evening that he spoke with Elaimy and convinced him to make a public apology in the assembly on Monday.

While speaking in Port Said on Friday, Elaimy accused Tantawi of being responsible for killing Egyptians.

Elaimy used a famous Egyptian proverb: “He couldn't beat the donkey so they beat the saddle,” meaning that if the main source of a problem cannot be confronted, others will be found to take the blame.

Elaimy said, “Tantawi is the donkey,” meaning that he is responsible for the deaths of Egyptians in recent incidents.

In Sunday’s session, Katatny asked Elaimy to apologize for his comments about the military ruler.

However, Elaimy refused to apologize, saying that he had not insulted Tantawi but had held him responsible for “crimes he committed against Egyptians.”

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