Companies of petroleum public sector witness unprecedented development: Petroleum min.

Egyptian Petroleum Minister Tarek al-Molla asserted that the unprecedented development took place in the entities of the petroleum sector especially the public sector companies is an added value to the sector of petroleum, industry and national economy.

He pointed out this was done according to a scientific approach to implement a clear strategy that prioritizes the development of companies, adding that investments were pumped in new projects.

This came in a videoconference meeting on the business of the associations that approve the planning budget of fiscal year 2024/2025 of the companies of petroleum public sector.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Industry Ahmed Samir and Minister of Local Development Hisham Amna, according to a statement of the Ministry of Petroleum on Tuesday.

This development was supported by the political leadership and included all the domains of safety and vocational health in addition to boosting operation efficiency and improving efficiency of operations, Molla said.

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