Commodity prices lower inside consumer cooperatives

The Food Industries Holding Company reported that consumer cooperatives did not raise prices as announced for Ramadan. Prices inside co-ops saw a 50 percent price reduction in comparison to prices outside co-ops, which increased by 30 percent. During Ramadan, prices of commodities in Egypt rise due to increased demand.

Ahmed al-Rakaybi, company director, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that prices of main commodities inside consumer co-ops are low when compared to malls and commercial centers. He referred to the price of one kilo of sugar, which did not exceed LE3.75 inside the co-ops, in comparison to LE4.5 per kilo outside the co-ops. Cooking oil prices ranged from LE6 to LE7.

Al-Rakaybi reviewed prices of other goods inside co-ops. White onions ranged from LE2.25 to LE2.5, lemons cost LE3.5, and garlic ranged from LE14 to LE17.

According to al-Rakaybi, local chicken prices did not exceed LE20 over the last week inside the co-ops, compared to LE22 outside the co-ops, particularly in Cairo and Giza. Local meat was reported to cost LE42 inside the co-ops, and from LE55 to LE60 outside.  

The average price for potatoes, as announced Saturday by the Information and Decision Support Center, was the lowest in Assiut at LE2 and the highest in Alexandria at LE3.75. Tomato prices ranged from LE2 to LE4, lemons ranged from LE3 to LE5, white eggplant ranged from LE1.8 to LE2.5, carrots ranged from LE1 to LE1.75, and lettuce ranged from LE2.4 to LE4.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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