Commander warns of ‘fifth column’ looking to destabilize Egypt

General Sobhy Sedky, the Commander of Egypt's Third Field Army, warned of a "fifth column" trying to cause chaos, sectarian strife, lack of security and destabilization of the country, so as to prevent Egypt from standing on its feet once again.

During a conference at the Suez Lawyers' Syndicate on Sunday evening titled "How to bring life back to normal in Suez," Sobhy said the achievements gained by the 25 January uprising are under threat. According to Sobhy, the continuation of labor strikes and protests that have paralyzed state institutions and affected production in all sectors, as well as acts of larceny, looting and terrorizing citizens, threaten the loss of these achievements.

Sobhy went on to say that Egypt's role in the region makes it a target for external threats under the current circumstances. He added that Egypt would be negatively affected by a possible no-fly zone over Libya and that the return of the 1.6 million Egyptians who previously worked in Libya would raise unemployment rates.

He also warned of the instability facing Sudan and the possibility of a future water crisis because Egypt's share of Nile waters is under threat. Sobhy stressed the importance of police forces returning, as it is the best-trained force to fight crime and deal with criminals.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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