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The comeback of thigh-high boots

Antonio Berardi, Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and many other fashion gurus celebrated the revival of thigh-high boots all over the cat walk last year. However this year the not-so-common fashion item has emerged in Egypt as the next best thing.

“It is all over City Stars," says Nevine, a young career woman and mother of two. Thigh-high boots have achieved a fair and clear association with street walkers over the years and are now frowned upon by fashion designers and classy fashionistas.

The designs seen on the catwalk are a bit too much for the average woman; international designers have used suede, metallic colors and feathers, creating looks that can be hard to sport on a daily basis or at all!

Thigh-highs go well with leggings and slim fit jeans but they are best when paired with a pair of black leather, figure-hugging pants. Try to avoid the thigh-high/mini-skirt combo; it may send a message that you won’t necessarily like! Also avoid striking colors, like red, silver or gold (the LVs from last year’s collection), as they are simply too much.

If you are considering this purchase, horsebackriding-style foldover boots are available in all high street brands like Bershka and Zara and the neat thing about these is their adjustable length. My absolute favorite is camel thigh highs; they are elegant yet they could go well with a pair of jeans and a blouse.

Last but not least, natural leather is definitely a better choice as it will last longer. The absolute recommendation of this season are Christian Leboutin's black suede thigh-high calfskin platform boots; they are super pricey though!

If you are petite in size and think that thigh highs are not for you, opt for an above the knee or a tall pair of boots; these are also available and look good paired with leggings, shorts or a mini skirt.

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