Clinton made no statement about Maspero violence, says Al-Ahram

The Egyptian state-run newspaper Al-Ahram on Monday quoted informed sources at the US Department of State denying that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made statements about violence during a Coptic protest on Sunday.

The violence, which occurred at the Maspero state TV building, left 24 dead and 272 injured.

News websites reported that Clinton told CNN that the US intends to intervene to protect the Coptic minority in Egypt.

Sources said the US Embassy in Cairo made a statement about the clashes and over-use of power against peaceful protesters at times that Egypt needs real democratic transform for equality among people.

A US Embassy statement on Sunday expressed deep concern about the violence among protesters and security forces, which it said left people killed on both sides. The embassy urged for investigations of the incidents.

It also offered condolences to families of those killed and called on everyone to remain calm.

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