Clashes take place between security forces and alleged criminals in Cairo, Giza

Three people were killed and four were injured in two violent incidents between security forces and armed men in the Cairo and Giza Governorates.

In the Antar Stable region south of Cairo, gun fights broke out between police and four alleged drug dealers, one of whom was reported to be a fugitive escaping from a 10 year prison sentence. The police arrested three suspects, while the escaped fugitive is still on the run. During the clashes, two police officers were wounded. Police found 90 liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, 4,000 narcotic pills, a quarter ton of marijuana and bullet-proof shields in their hideout.

Outside the Talbiya Police Station in Giza, a member of the armed forces exchanged gunfire with five armed men in an attempt to arrest them, leading to the injury of one police sergeant and the destruction of four police cars. The armed men also stole the police sergeant’s car.

The security vacuum in Egypt following the overthrow of President Mubarak has led to a rise in crime and attacks on police stations.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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