Clashes erupt between Morsy supporters, opponents in Daqahlia

Clashes erupted Tuesday between members of the Engineers Syndicate who were rallying to show support for President Mohamed Morsy and protesters against his recent constitutional declaration and call for a constitutional referendum in Daqahlia.

Dozens of syndicate members had staged a rally outside the syndicate’s headquarters near Shohadaa Square to express support for the 22 November constitutional declaration and the new constitution draft. The raised banners that read: “Engineers Syndicate in Daqahlia supports the new constitution for the sake of the engineers’ interests,” “Support for the honorable judges of Egypt who announced they will the referendum,” and “For stability, we support the decisions of 22 November.”

Protesters against the president’s decisions had been staging a sit-in at Shohadaa Square, where they were chanting, “Brothers are thugs,” and “Down with the rule of the supreme guide.”

The two groups clashed briefly, but security forces intervened and remained in the square.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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