Civil aviation employees protest after meeting with minister fails

Dozens of employees in the civil aviation sector protested on Monday, saying their meeting with Civil Aviation Minister Lotfy Mostafa Kamal failed.

The employees protested at Cairo International Airport to demand the removal of military leaders in the civil aviation sector. The protesters also called for better conditions and threatened to strike.

On Sunday thousands of protesters had threatened to stage mass protests on Monday if officials did not implement what they agreed on with Air Force Commander Reda Hafez and Commander of Military Police Hamdy Badin.

The protesters said they were given promises that their demands would be fufilled by Monday.

The Civil Aviation Minister on Monday met with representatives of employees from the Cairo Airport Company and asked for time to examine and satisfy their demands.

When asked to oust military officers from leadership positions, the minister said belonging to the military institution is not a sin and that Egypt’s military have protected the revolution, unlike the armies in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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