Citizens attack Mansoura hospital after relative dies

A public hospital in Daqahlia Governorate, north of Cairo, was attacked on Sunday by citizens whose relative died while receiving treatment.

Khaled Eissa, 43, was admitted into the new public hospital in Mansoura on Saturday after falling from the fifth story of a building.

Hospital staff carried out scans and analyses on Eissa until 1 am on Sunday, but he died while receiving first aid.

When Eissa's family heard the news, they accused the hospital of negligence and slowness. They attacked two nurses and a number of doctors with bladed weapons, but no injuries were reported.

Windows and doors were damaged before military and police forces apprehended the assailants inside a hospital room.

The hospital's director, Mahmoud Abdel Azim, denied claims of negligence. He said Eissa was in a bad condition when he arrived at the hospital, and the medics did their best to save his life.

Hospitals all over Egypt have been vulnerable to attacks by thugs exploiting the country’s security vacuum that has continued since the January uprising.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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