Citing Western experience, columnist suggests extermination of Brotherhood leadership

An Egyptian columnist has implied the extermination of Muslim Brotherhood leadership as means of retaliation for police, army and civilians killings, which the government blames the group for masterminding.
“Sometimes, you are obliged to resort to unconventional solutions in confronting terrorist groups,” Assem Hanafy, a satirical writer, said in his article in Al-Masry Al-Youm on Wednesday.
“States has several arms that can be used when necessary to protect their citizens from illegal violence. That’s the work of intelligence and security bodies that the official state should not carry out,” he added in his article entitled “Start with the Brotherhood.”
In his article, Hanafy encourages the state to launch what he called “undeclared dirty operations both at home and beyond borders” as he put it.
Hanafy believes the recurrent bombings and sabotage that has hit Egyptian streets since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsy, are all aimed at obliging the government to negotiate with Morsy’s Muslim Brotherhood and release its detained leaderships.
“When a state is dealing with forces that sow violence and adopt assassinations… there is no room for democracy or civilizedness, but counter-violence is rather the solution,” said Hanafy. “Either you assassinate your enemy or leave him to kill your brothers and citizens.”
Practicing increased pressure on the detained Brotherhood leaders is the right thing to do, according to Hanafy, who said that those figures, while in prison, are leading actions of sabotage outside “especially those who publicly threatened to burn Egypt in case of Morsy’s removal.”
He named Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat al-Shater, former parliament speaker Mohamed al-Katatny and Mohamed al-Beltagy as examples.
According to Hanafy, the extermination of terrorist leaderships paid off in several Western countries.
“England, the world’s leader of democracy, resorted to underground organizations in dealing with the Irish Republican Army,” Hefny wrote. “Facing ETA separatists, who practiced bloody violence and terrorized society for years, the government there (in Spain) came up with a genius solution. Every time the separatist organization killed a member of the police, for example, the response was to assassinate one of ETA’s political leaders.”

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