Citing security void, Inter Milan declines to play Zamalek

Italy’s Inter Milan football team declined to play against Zamalek next month due to Egypt's lack of security and stability.

Centennial committee chairman Ahmed Sherine said that the Italian Embassy in Cairo advised the Italian team’s management to decline the match.

He said the embassy cited the following causes of concern for making its decision: protests of Zamalek fans calling themselves “The White Nights” in front of the Football Association; the strained relationship between the club and the association; the team’s complaint against the referee of their last match with the Maqasa team; and the state of lawlessness following the 25 January uprising.

Sherine added that the British Embassy also cautioned London team Tottenham Hotspur against participating in the event for the same reasons.

“Manchester United, however, agreed to participate,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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