Cinema: the year in review

Thirty seven feature films were screened in cinemas from 28 January to 23 December 2009. Eight of those films were debuts for their directors: "Bedoun Raqaba"(Uncensored) by Hani Gerges Fawzi, "Ma’lab Harameyya" (Thief Trick) by Sameeh el-Naqqash, "Ezbet Adam" (Adam’s Ranch) by Mahmoud Kamel, "Azmet Sharaf" (A Crisis of Honor) by Waleed el-Tabei, "Ayyam Saaba" (Tough Days) by Fadi Farouq, "Alet Mout" (Death tool) by Maged Nabeeh, "Badal Fa’ed" (Replacement) by Ahmed Alaa and "El-Moshtabah" (The Suspect) by Mohamed Hamdi, as well as "Meccano" and "Adrenalin."

The ten highest grossing movies were: "Khaltet Fawzeyya" (Fawzeyya’s Secret Recipe) by Magdi Ahmed Ali, "Wahed Sefr" (One-Nil) by Kamla Abu Zekri, "Dukkan Shehata" (Shehata’s Kiosque) by Khaled Youssef, "Ibrahim el-Abyad" by Marwan Hamed, "El-Farah"(The Marriage) by Sameh Abdel Aziz, "Ehki ya Scheherazade" (Tell it, Scheherazade) by Yossri Nassrallah, "El Dictator"(The Dictator) by Ehab Lamie, "Ezbet Adam" (Adam’s Ranch) by Mahmoud Kamel, "Welad el-Amm" (The Cousins) by Sherif Arafah, and "Belalwan el-Tabieyah" (In True Colors) by Osama Fawzy.

Artistically, the best five were: "Belalwan el-Tabieyah," "Wahed Sefr," "Khaltet Fawzeyya," "Dukkan Shehata," and  "Ehki ya Scheherazade."

The best actress this year was Elham Shaheen for her performances in "Khaltet Fawzeyya," and "Wahed Sefr," and the best actor was Mahmoud Hemeida in "Dukkan Shehata." Tareq el-Telmesany was the best cinematographer for his work in "Belalwan el-Tabieyah," and Salah Marie was the best art director for his work in the same film, which also featured the best editing by Dina Farouk, the best poster by Tamer Karawan, and the best young acting talents, including Youssra El Lozy, Kareem Qassem, Mona Hala, Farah Youssef, Feryal Youssef, Ramzy Lehner, and Ibrahim Salah.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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