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Christmas tree shopping guide

Christmas is just around the corner and in case you have not already started the quest for your perfect Christmas tree, Al-Masry Al-Youm took to the streets to provide you with a list of the types of trees available on market. 

“The Teweya is the most common Christmas tree available for purchase in Egypt, since it is planted in the country,” said Mahmoud, a florist at Gardenia flower shop. Gardenia displays a wide range of Teweya sizes, ranging from LE50 to LE450 depending on height.

“For example, this one is LE450,” said Mahmoud, pointing to a three-meter tree, the tallest one in the shop.

“Prices are not only set according to the height of tree, but also its width,” said Hatem, a florist at Rose Land flower shop. While a two-meter high, 80 cm wide tree is sold for LE120, the same height with a greater diameter can cost LE200. Rose Land offers a limited quantity of Dutch Christmas trees at two sizes for LE800 (1.5 m) and LE1200 (2.20 m).

“Despite its good quality, the demand for the Dutch tree is low due to its costliness compared to the Egyptian kind,” Hatem said.

The Dutch tree offers more space between branches than the lush Teweya, which eases the process of hanging ornaments. Moreover, its stronger needles can mean decorations hang straighter. Another benefit of the Dutch tree, according to Hatem, is that it keeps its perfect look for at least three months with daily watering.

“The Teweya lives for just one month, but this doesn’t annoy most clients because they want the tree for the Christmas season only.”

Some people prefer an artificial tree, which may cost more than a real one, but has a number of advantages. “You can re-use your fake tree every Christmas as its needles are not going to dry out,” Hossam, the owner of Jumbo gift store, said.

Very natural looking artificial trees of sizes ranging from 80 cm to 2.70 m high are available at Jumbo store. With some artificial trees you don’t have to waste time searching for the perfect tree ornaments or to spend more money on buying them. “This kind of tree (artificial) is growing more popular every year because these days, people prefer to take the easy route.”

You can find fake trees that come with built-in lights. There are also versions with permanent snow or glitter on their branches, giving the feel of a real tree. If you want to go against the flow and get something totally innovative, Top Toys gifts store is the first shop exclusively selling Christmas trees with laser lights.

“The tree emits sparkling laser lights which give the illusion that it bears multi-colored ornaments,” said a vendor at Top Toys store. The laser Christmas tree comes in three different sizes with prices ranging from LE 245 to LE 640.  

If you decide, however, to go for a plainer tree choice, whatever decorations you want, you'll find them in Top Toys’ Christmas collection. It includes colorful balls, bells, stars and miniature ornaments shaped like Santa Claus and snowmen.      

Gardenia flower shop
Address: 5 Sayed al-Bakry St., Zamalek
Tel: 0227359586

Rose Land flower shop
Address: 18a Ahmed Heshmat St., Zamalek
Tel: 0227380354

Jumbo gift store
Address: 141 26th July St., Zamalek
Tel: 0227375205

Top Toys gift store
Address: 40 Mossadek Street, Dokki
Tel: 0237485324, 0233351711

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