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Children’s corner: Sock puppet making

Every Friday, Kids’ Workshop offers educational activities at Diwan bookstores for children. Dr. Nardeen Atro,  Kids’ Workshop founder and director, said that at the last workshop, she taught children how to make puppets out of long woolen socks in order to develop their fine motor skills.

You can easily make hundreds of characters and animals you love and invite your friends to hold a puppet show. All you need is to unleash your creativity by using various beads or buttons in complementary colors.

To make your own sock puppet you will need:

  1. One woolen sock
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Glue gun (to be used under the close supervision of an adult)
  4. Googly eyes
  5. Colored felt pieces (depending on which character you want to create)
  6. Beads, twisters and small colored ornaments (for decoration)


  1. Put your hand inside the sock and mark the tip where the toes would be with a circle
  2. With your pair of scissors make a big round hole
  3. Cover the hole with a piece of thick felt (preferably red or pink as if it's the tongue part of your character)
  4. With the glue gun attach the felt
  5. Add eyes, cheeks, teeth, hair and other features as you wish
  6. Enjoy your sock puppet, invent a story about it and use it to narrate to your friends and have a blast

Kids Workshop: Tel.: 011 008 9630 – 010 578 6458, email:, Facebook fan page: kids workshop

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